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Dry Skin Home Treatments

If you want yourself to look beautiful the first and foremost condition is to keep your skin healthy. For that you must take proper care of your skin in right methods. Usually dry skins are very sensitive and tend to be drier in winter. So, dry skin need special and extra cares and here we will discuss how to get rid of dry skin problem round the year.
First we come to the three basic skin care steps: Cleansing,Moisturizing and Scrubbing.

Dry skin needs gentle cleansing. Hot water is very harmful for dry skin and makes it more damaged. It would be best if you can use mineral water in summer and lukewarm water in winter for washing your skin. Never apply soap to this kind of skin as it removes all the natural skin protecting oils from your skin. Use an herbal face wash suitable for dry skin. You can also use a mixer of milk and flour and use it for cleansing purpose.

Moisturizing is a very important part for dry skin as this kind of skin suffers from lack of moistures. Pat your skin gently after washing and never rub it. Gently massage a cream rich in oil and moisture and make a quite good layer of moisturizer over your skin. This locks the moisture inside and keeps your skin away from getting dry.

is needed when your skin gets flaky. Use a mild scrub for dry skin once a week.

Now we come to the extra cares or treatments for dry skin.
For the treatment of dry skin use a facial mask containing essential oils twice a week. Mix egg yolk, olive oil, rose water and sandal wood and leave it over your skin for 15 minutes. Aloe Vera, vitamin E oil, lavender oil, primrose oil and milk are also very effective for dry skin treatment.
Massage your skin twice a week using an oil richen massage cream or massaging oils. You can also use baby oil, olive oil or lavender oil for massaging.

Some common tips for handling dry skin:

Take a balanced diet that containing vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts to keep your skin healthy.
• Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day for hydrating purpose.
• Vitamin E is very effective for dry skin. Take vitamin E capsules thrice a week.
• Avoid cold and sudden change in temperature as it makes your skin more damaged.
•Avoid alcohol and caffeine as they cause the skin cells to lose fluids.

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