Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Summer Skin Care (Home Skin Care in Summer)

Summer is back again!

Summer is the time of oily skin. Skin problems arise when your skin gets exposed to burning sun of summer and dusts. Dusts get stuck to oily skin and starts creating lots of skin problems. Pimples, sunburn and skin tan, skin rashes are the common skin problems of summer.

Some daily simple home care can help you avoiding skin problems and have a glowing skin in summer. Follow some here:

1. First of all don’t let your skin getting dehydrated. Drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. No compromise with this!

2.Apply a sun screen 15 minutes before going out. It is better to use a sun screen powder in summer instead of a sun screen lotion.

3. Cleansing is the most important part of skin care in summer. Use a home-made cleanser or buy a mild cleanser. Clean your skin regularly coming back home and before going to sleep. Get some home-made summer cleansers here: Home Made Summer Cleanser.

4. Blend some water-melons or cucumbers in your juice machine. Pour the juice in your ice cube tray and put into deep fridge. Everyday coming back home take a cube and gently massage it over your skin (parts exposed to sun). This would keep your skin safe from tan.

5. Use a home made or herbal scrub twice a week to remove dead cells. Get some home-made summer scrub here: Home Made Summer Scrub.

6. Apply summer fruit face packs twice a week.

7. Last of all, summer is the time of fruits. Take at least one glass of any fruit juice everyday. This would make your skin glowing and shiny.


Urbashi said...

Last summer I tried Mango and Watermelon cubes and they worked great with sun tans !

One thing I want to add is use an umbrella in summer when you go out. This would 20% protect you from sun tans.

About Your Skin said...

Urbashi, Thanks for your comment and suggestion. Keep following us.

Nonoy said...

Hi;thanks for adding my link; your site has been added as well on my blogroll: http://cebuanddavao.com/blogroll/

About Your Skin said...

Most Welcome.

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Gloria Brown said...

This is vary valuable post. The skin problem is increased in the summer. So, your tips is very useful for all. Now I use obagi products like obagi starter set to get the glorious look. I also decide to use home made face pack in summer.