Saturday, 16 February 2013

Anti-Aging Skincare

Your skin starts showing the signs of aging when you are only near to 30. So even if your skin is naturally healthy and never required regular care before, it's time you should start taking care of it.

Follow the followings to prevent aging of skin.

  • Change in Food Habit

Add foods rich in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin C & E in your daily menu. Pomegranate, Green Tea, Strawberry are top in this list.

Fully avoid fats, chocolates, carbonated drinks, red meats. Try to cook your food with olive oil and avoid other oils. 

  • Clean and Moisturize Your Skin
To keep your skin healthy, It is very important to keep your skin clean as well as moisturized. Use mild cleansers (mild in alkaline properties) to wash your skin and moisturize regularly. Try to use normal water to wash your skin as hot water takes away skin’s natural moisture and makes skin dry and dull.

  • Remove Dead Skin

Use a mild scrub to scrub away your dead skins once a week. Do not use it daily as over use of it also takes away skin’s natural moisture.

  • Skin Tightening

Use skin tightening masks (i.e Egg White Mask, Honey Mask etc.) at least twice a week.

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