Friday, 22 June 2012

Cucumber Magics

Cucumber just works wonder to recover your tired skin and also the best solution to keep your skin fresh in summer. 

Here are some cucumber skin care tips:
  •  Cucumber is the best solution for dark circles. Cut some cucumbers into very small pieces and Put over your eyes. Relax for 20 minutes and then rinse them off with normal water. Do this once everyday. Your dark circle would get reduced soon.
  • Cucumber is a wonderful cleanser. Crush some cucumbers in blender and put the juice in a bottle. Keep the bottle in fridge. Everyday coming back from outside, wet a cotton piece with the cold cucumber juice and cleanse your skin with it.
  • Cucumber cube works wonderful to reduce skin tan and sun burn. Crush some cucumbers in blender and put it in ice tray. Keep the tray in deep fridge. Take a cube everyday and message gently over your skin (parts exposed to sun).
  • Cucumber makes your skin glowing. Make a paste by mixing one small crushed cucumber, one table spoon of yogurt and one table spoon of sandal wood powder.  Apply the paste all over your skin and leave for 30 minutes. Use the pack twice a week.


Nonoy said...

My dad used to do this;wanting to get rid of his eye bags;

It has improvements though but not in a long term.

Thanks for this.

Bloggerman said...

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Thanks a lot!Pacensya sa abala. :-)Your link is retained on my new domain.

Alieen Stewart said...

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moreviews said...

Good and useful tips. Thanks for sharing.